Essential First Aid

Canadian Red Cross Training Partner

Company Policies

Payment Policy:

  • All Traditional Learning First Aid & CPR Courses require a $10.00 registration fee via secure Paypal to hold a seat in your scheduled course 
  • Registration fee is non-refundable, however is transferable to a different course at an alternate date/time, due to course withdraw
  • Registration fee is included in listed course costs
  • All Blended Learning Courses must be paid in full prior to gaining access to your online learning course
  • Essential First Aid accepts: cash, e-transfer, Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover (in-person only) to pay the remaining course fees
  • Payment for all Online Safety Training courses must be received online via secure PayPal.

Classroom Course Policy:

  • Participants are required to be in attendance for 100% of all courses.
  • Participants must be in good physical health to take any first aid course, as there are practical requirements that must be completed.
  • All course standards have been set out and designed by the Canadian Red Cross and will be strictly adhered to.

Blended Online Learning Policy
  •  Each blended learning course is divided into two components. Participants must first complete the self-paced online component, which includes the written. knowledge evaluations, and then successfully complete an Instructor-led classroom component (skills practice and evaluation session) in order to achieve certification. 
  • Participants must complete the classroom component within 6-weeks of completing the online component.
  • If the participant does not complete the classroom component within 6-weeks of completing the online component, the participant must purchase a second PIN and retake the online component before being admitted into the classroom.
  • Course materials and access to online training will be provided to the participant a minimum of 2 - 4 weeks prior to the start of the classroom component. 
  • Please note it may take up to 1 - Business Day to receive your ePIN

Business Training Account Policy:
  • Essential First Aid provides First Aid & CPR Training Solutions to businesses via a mutually agreed upon signed contract.
  • Business Training Contracts will be strictly adhered to. 
  • Training Contracts will commence, continue and end on agreed date.  

Refund Policy:
  • Participants who withdraw within 24hrs prior to course start may transfer their registration fee to a different course at an alternate date/time
  • Participants who fail to withdraw 24hrs prior to their registered course are subject to non-transferable registration fee at the discretion of Essential First Aid 
  • Refunds are not given to participants who fail to pass any of the tests required for certification.
  • All Online Safety Courses and Blended Learning Courses are 100% NON-Refundable once purchased

Cancelation Policy:
  • In the event of a course cancellation by Essential First Aid a minimum 24 hour notice will be given to all participants enrolled in that course. Every attempt will be made by the instructor to confirm contact with all enrolled participants.
  • Courses will be fully refunded in the event of a course cancellation and/or participants will have the opportunity to reschedule.

Multi-Media Policy

  • Occasionally, we may take photographs and videos of the class. We may use these images for instructional or promotional purposes.

Complaint Policy:
  • Essential First Aid will make all efforts to resolve any conflicting issues prior to the completion of any course.
  • Participants are asked, in the event of a complaint, to submit it in writing to Essential First Aid no later than one week after the completion of the attended course.
  • In the event a complaint is received an email will be sent to the complainant by Essential First Aid acknowledging the complaint and outlining any possible resolution.
  • The email sent to the complainant will also be forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross so they are made aware of the complaint.